manutenzione coperturemanutenzione coperturemanutenzione coperturemanutenzione coperture
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manutenzione coperturemanutenzione coperturemanutenzione coperture
With a view to fostering client loyalty, our company offers a programme of scheduled maintenance for the actual roofing which, in addition to maintaining it in good condition, helps to retain its original characteristics over time. Starting with an examination of the state of preservation, our professionals establish timescales and methods for intervening in order to reduce the natural deterioration of the components to a minimum and prevent the possible risk of malfunctions.

Surveying for the type of roofing

Maintenance programme

Emergency response service

Analysis of functionality and checking of performance levels

These are the core principles, behind the actual maintenance, that translate into interventions that target problems of an accidental nature (decay or damage to the structures) and scheduled maintenance at regular intervals.
manutenzione coperture
manutenzione coperture
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